Food Feud


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Food Feud is a quirky FPS CTF mod for UDK that takes players to the core of the gritty world of New York food vendors and the unseen war that rages among them. Players begin by choosing a food stand to support, a restaurant-themed class to use, and a food-related weapon to deal delicious damage. Players must then traverse three distinct areas of Central Park to capture, steal, and defend their customers.

Game Specifics

  • My Position: Associate Producer & Level Designer
  • Engine: UDK
  • Team Size: 7 (3 designers, 2 artists, 2 programmers)
  • Dev Time: 3 months (1 month pre-production)

My Contributions

  • Designed 90 percent of the primary level for the game, including scripting interactive elements
  • Created the initial concepts for the weapons, abilities, and classes
  • Worked with the game designer to flesh out and balance the combat systems
  • Met frequently with specialization leads to coordinate the vision for the game and ensure an on-time release
  • Acted as scrum master for daily agile development meetings and lead presenter for all greenlight and milestone presentations


  • Faculty selection to represent the school and present Food Feud at a national STEM conference in Dallas
  • Appearance at the Guildhall’s public exhibition
  • Fully-featured networked and local play (a rare feature among similar school products)