Pixel Slayer



Not So Humble Games is a small indie company I started with three other developers. We all have full-time jobs, so we work on games like Pixel Slayer in our spare time.

Our first full release is Pixel Slayer, a fast-paced multiplayer “1D” joust. Players spin and stab with the point of their Pixels to kill their opponent while dashing out of the way to avoid incoming attacks. The last player standing wins. Players can battle in 10 different levels, each with their own theme and unique mechanic.

The game will be launching soon on Steam Greenlight with the following main features:

  • 1-4 Local Multiplayer
  • Single Player with 3 AI Difficulties
  • 10 Levels
  • 3 Game Modes


  • Time: January 2014 – Present
  • Position: Game Designer & Scripter
  • Tools: Unity and C#


  • Worked on Pixel Slayer, an upcoming 2D multiplayer deathmatch game for PC and mobile, built with Unity
  • Utilized both C# and visual scripting tools to design, implement, and balance all game systems (including player movement, multiple game modes, player customization, UI, etc.)
  • Worked with the team’s programmer to implement a node-based AI system for multiple modes and difficulties
  • Planned milestones, created team schedules, and acted as scrum master for weekly sync-up meetings
  • Maintained design documentation and marketing plans