Gojira’s Revenge


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Gojira’s Revenge is a mod for Fallout: New Vegas that I created as an homage to the popular Godzilla franchise.  The quest is all about taking back a hidden research facility from the monsters (usually large, and always radioactive) that recently escaped their confines, including the mightiest of all radioactive monsters: Gojira!  Players shrink down to explore underground sewers systems, suit up with the mythical Oxygen Destroyer weapon, and travel through the facility and on to eventually square off against Gojira himself.

If you see this, you’re probably already dead.


  • Engine: G.E.C.K. for Fallout: New Vegas
  • Map Type: Single-player RPG quest
  • Dev Time: 110 hours over 1.5 months

Level Features

  • 5 New enemy types, including a boss
  • 1 Custom weapon and ammo type
  • 3 Unique NPCs with branching narrative options and over 100 lines of dialogue
  • 5 Unique areas, each with its own visual theme


  • BIG Monster Action: Capture the enormity of those classic monster movies by making the facility feel massive, pitting the player against foes large in both number and scale, and shrinking the player at times to make some encounters feel even more imposing
  • Radioactive Game Additions: Make new monsters, weapons, and events that fit within both the Fallout and Godzilla universes
  • Living, Godzilla-inspired World: Create a quest that features the names, monsters, and even the weapons of the iconic series in an environment that feels alive

Gojira and friends made short work of the once-beautiful facility

Mini Postmortem

What Went Right:

  • The breadth of new monsters made the level exciting and unique
  • Scripting led to a number memorable moments of big action
  • Storytelling, both through the environment and through the dialogue, painted a vivid picture of the area

What Went Wrong:

  • Going outside of the standard Fallout look limited the number of useable assets
  • The quest design led to a fair amount of backtracking
  • Some encounters proved too difficult, sometimes because of the danger of the Oxygen Destroyer

Fun Fact

Gojira was one tricksy monster during the course of development.  No matter what I did, he never seemed to stay within the confines of the facility; he just loved to teleport around the world and inexplicably kill NPCs.

Much like Miley Cyrus, Gojira just can’t be tamed.

One day, in utter despair and frustration, I placed blocking volumes around every possible surface Gojira could walk through in hopes of containing the beast.  While testing, I walked outside the facility to finish the quest and kill Gojira, but he was nowhere to be found–not even in any of his usual teleport places.  Perplexed, I started floating around the world looking for him when I saw the beast poke his head up over the side of the mountain, smile, and then proceed to run out into oblivion–breathing fire all the way.

I eventually contained him by connecting the inner and outer facility nav meshes with a water nav mesh in an out-of-reach place (to prevent teleporting between the previously disconnected nav meshes both inside and outside the facility walls), but I’ll never forget the little guy’s ever-valiant attempts at freedom.

Creating Monsters

For me, the biggest draw of Godzilla was its wide range of monsters with diverse abilities, something that’s reflected in the five unique monsters types in this level.  They ranged from close-ranged to distance, and they all help prepare the player for the final confrontation with Gojira himself.

Acid Spitter

Because these creatures are the first enemy type players encounter in the level, their attacks move slower and do less damage than their lightning counterparts.  They act as a good introduction and training of sorts.

Lightning Gecko

The most common enemy in the level, these shoot out beams of lightning that are dangerous at range.  They almso most closely approximate Gojira, both in their behavior and attacks, so players get a good idea of what to expect near the end of the level.

Gojira Baby

These tiny creatures do little damage and have a negligible amount of health, but they nearly always appear in large groups.  They act as both fodder to make players feel powerful and a scale reference for when the player shrinks.

Irradiated Gecko

These enemies rush toward players and use their melee attack to release an AoE burst of radiation. Giant variations of this enemy dwell in the sewers of the facility and serve as a great primer on fighting large creatures.


Gojira is the final enemy of the quest, and his speed and extraordinary amount of health make him a deadly foe.  Only a weapon like the Oxygen Destroyer can take down a beast of such destructive power.

Dynamic Geckos

An inherent drawback of the quest’s design is that it requires a bit of backtracking to complete both the main and side quests.  But rather than redo the concept completely, I created a system that spawned an increasing number of Gojira Babies to make the backtracking an interesting and memorable experience.

At different stages in the quest, scripts trigger the spawning of an increasing number of Gojira Babies.  The script plays out like an infestation where players sees more and more of the creatures every time they pass through the space.

The script culminates when the player gets the Oxygen Destroyer and uses it on about a dozen Gojira Babies positioned near the room’s exit.

I utilize a similar script in the reactor room.  When players resurface from fetching the Oxygen Destroyer from below water, they encounter an ambush that would otherwise prove fatal without their new weapon. This adds new interest to an otherwise familiar area and teaches the basic functionality of the weapon.

Shrinking the Player

Fighting an enormous radioactive gecko certainly helped with my goal of creating big monster action, but I didn’t want it all to come just at the end.  To keep that big scale throughout the quest, I incorporated a shrink mechanic to part of the quest, and I added a unique side quest that players must complete as a tiny person.

The standard size of the player compared to a Baby Gojira enemy.

When players pick up the reactor coil as part of the main quest, a script uses the modscale command to shrink the player and an explosive particle hides the transition.  In this state, even tiny enemies become big problems.

As part of the level’s side quest, players explore the abandoned sewers below the lab via a caved in door only accessible to shrunken players.  Here, the player fights an enormous Irradiated Gecko Mother.

Because the modscale command doesn’t adjust player collision, I created a workaround to simulate the player fitting into the caved in door.  By toggling a small blocking mesh that is not noticeable to players, I could effectively open and close this entrance based on the player’s state.

Weapon of Monster Destruction

In the Godzilla mythology, there is only one man-made weapon that has ever killed the great lizard: The Oxygen Destroyer.  It seemed only fitting that I follow suit.  I wanted to create a weapon that felt powerful enough to take the great beast down, and setting the quest in a facility that specialized in creating experimental weapons fit perfectly for that scenario.

I created the Oxygen Destroyer off of the tesla cannon prototype, with a few notable differences:

  • Applied the alternate orange skin to the weapon
  • Increased its damage, effective range, and area of effect
  • Completely changed the projectile, ground impact effect, and enemy impact effect to make it appear as if the weapon was turning oxygen into solid mass with a thunderous explosion
  • Created a script that sets player proficiency with energy weapons to 100 whenever players equip the weapon

Players must swim through the radioactive and flooded reactor room to find the Oxygen Destroyer.

The accuracy script gives players a much-needed help when fighting the final boss, and it helps sell the weapon as a powerful destructive force.

To combat the imbalance of a perfectly accurate super gun, I created a unique ammo type for the weapon.  The player has more than enough to kill every enemy in the level, but little more.  The director of the facility also takes away the weapon at the end of the quest (it is company property, after all), although I put in a workaround for clever players.

Lucky Dragon 5 Facility Compound

I made the exterior fertile and green, two things the Fallout series is not known for. Going along with the Godzilla theme, I also infused some Japanese architecture and landscape elements into this hidden oasis of a facility.

To go along with the destroyed beauty motif of the level, I took the welcome center and reduced it to rubble.  The NPC’s self-important temporary office hints at his personality.

A makeshift electric fence around the interior implies a hastily erected defense against a sudden monster outbreak.

The Lab

In the observation room, researchers conduct experiments on the geckos and observe the reactions.  Here, players gain access to hazmat suits, electrical batons, and other useful items.

In the work area, players can learn more about the events immediately preceding the incident by invading the employees’ privacy and reading their emails.

Employees used to relax and take their lunch breaks in the rec room, and the various healing items here help prepare players for their final encounter with Gojira.

Admin Building

This is the first building players enter in the quest, so I made what was likely a very clean and organized place into a cluttered disaster to emphasize the destruction from the geckos.

In the back halls of the building, players find an NPC who barricaded himself in a storage area for protection–the same NPC who holds the secrets to destroying Gojira.

Flooded Reactor

Although half of the reactor room is covered in water, one weapon remains protected in its containment locker, buried beneath the water and waiting for anyone brave enough (or resistant enough to horribly crippling radioactivity) to fetch it.

The red warning lights of this area act as both a warning of danger and a guide for the player. The red lights glow around both entrances to the room and above the position of the flooded Oxygen Destroyer.

The Sewers

This complex system of sewers house the runoff from the reactor and the waste from the experiments. Since the incident, some of the geckos have managed to escape to this remote area and breed.

I stuck with a very yellow palette for the sewer area to give it a sickly feel, and this applies to both the lighting and the enemies themselves.