Last Light


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Last Light is a single-player level I created for Gears of War.  In this alternate telling of Act IV of the main campaign, Dom is dead and Marcus must travel through the ruins of a destroyed city and into the mysterious Cooper Institute research facility.  Players utilize the remote-controlled security turrets and powerful new weapons of the institute to fend off waves of enemies, use environmental hazards to kill a lurking Brumak, and activate the lightmass bomb to destroy the Locust horde once and for all.


  • Engine: UDK for Gears of War
  • Map Type: Single-player third-person shooter level
  • Dev Time: 90 hours over 2 months

Level Features

  • 3 Unique areas with distinct visual themes: the destroyed city, an experimental facility, and the bomb lift
  • 3 Custom scripted sequences including a remote-controlled turret system and a Brumak boss battle
  • 1 New weapon and an attendant combat sequence
  • A narrative that features custom dialogue and cinematics
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Marcus wields his new gun right after taking on the Locust horde with the remote controlled tri-turret system (featured in the background).


  • Epic Action: Create combat sequences that highlight the enormity of the struggle against the Locust
  • Scripting New Combat: Use Kismet to script gameplay that goes beyond the standard Gears battles
  • Large Playspace: Make a world that captures the sweeping feel of the Gears narrative

Mini Postmortem

What Went Right:

  • Brumak encounters are well-paced and intense
  • Turret sequence is epic and enjoyable

What Went Wrong:

  • Too many gameplay elements–weren’t able to fully utilize them all
  • Large scope of the project meant some features weren’t as fully fleshed out