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Polaris is an emotional 2D platforming experience where players take on the role of Arcas, the great bear of the night sky, and traverse the universe in a quest to relight the constellations and save Polaris, the baby bear, from the dark constellation Draco.

Game Specifics

  • My Position: Associate Producer & Lead Level Designer
  • Engine: Torque 2D
  • Team Size: 4 (1 designer, 2 artists, 1 programmer)
  • Dev Time: 2 months (2 weeks pre-production)

My Contributions

  • Created 2 complete levels designed around existing constellations: a tutorial and an advanced platforming level
  • Worked with the team to come up with the initial concept and then maintained that vision throughout production
  • Crafted a compelling narrative by writing and designing 9 storytelling scenes
  • Managed the team of four developers to produce a happy team culture and on-time release
  • Negotiated a limited license for three copyrighted music tracks


  • Peer selection for the Guildhall’s public exhibition
  • Faculty selection for private exhibition and faculty Guild review
  • A happy, unique group culture that resulted in perfect peer evaluation scores and allowed for the successful integration of an additional team member midway through production